Natural Draft

Standard Water Heaters Found in Most Homes are also Known as Natural Draft or Atmospheric Vent Type Water Heaters

Conventional water heaters often use natural gas or propane as fuel and do not require electric power or moving parts. This type of water heater stores and preheats gallons of water in an insulated tank, making it readily available for use at any given time. 

Natural draft water heaters require a flue that ties directly into the chimney. An adjustable thermostat detects the temperature of water in the tank and regulates fuel delivery to the burner, which is ignited by a pilot light or spark ignition. The resulting combustion transfers heat to the water through direct contact at the bottom of the tank as well as the flue. In addition, the hot gases produced by this combustion rely upon natural convection, based on the principle that hot air rises, to remove the exhaust from your home to the outside.

Proper installation and regular maintenance will ensure your safety and can optimize the efficiency of your water heating system. 

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