Central Air Split Systems

A Properly Installed and Well-Maintained Split-System Air Conditioner Will Effectively Cool Your Home

If your home already has a hot air furnace but not central air conditioning, then consider installing a split-system air conditioner. 

A split-system central air conditioner consists of two individual pieces of equipment that transfer refrigerant from one unit to the other via copper tubing, making your entire house cooler. The indoor cabinet contains an evaporator while the outdoor cabinet contains a condenser and compressor unit. A thermostat is used to set your desired cooled temperature. 

Warning signs that indicate your air conditioning unit may need repair or replacement:

  • Limited or poor air flow
  • Unit is not blowing cold air
  • Higher utility bills with no explanation
  • System frequently needs to be serviced
  • Abnormal or uncommon noises coming from the unit

Whether you are looking to newly install, repair, or require preventative services, the HVAC Gurus will address all your central air conditioning needs in a timely manner so you can stay cool when outdoor temperatures rise. Call (215) 613-8108 today for more information and to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.